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Pocket Chain Saw

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This Handy Pocket Saw is a Must-Have Survival Tool if you’re a hiker, survivalist, adventure enthusiast, hunter, or anyone looking to save $$$ on home backyard-maintenance services. Made with sharp flexible blades with self-cleaning ability. Includes a durable 5” by 4” pouch for storage, and a belt clip for easy accessibility. The chain can be sharpened with a conventional round 1/8′′ chainsaw sharpener.


Efficient: Razor sharp self-cleaning teeth can easily cut through a fallen branch 4 inches and better. Provides the fastest cutting activity than any of the competition at the best price. The perfect do it yourself (DIY) tool and Easy to Use. Teeth have a self-cleaning ability.
Multipurpose: The super lightweight cutting tool can be used for an array of outdoor activities or also for the most simple home-maintenance jobs. Campers can equally use the pocket chainsaw to gather campfire wood and to prep camping grounds. Emergency crew workers/mountain cyclists can use the portable saw to easily cut through 3 inch diameter wood limbs in seconds.
Premium Quality: Portable, Small and Light-weight Handy Pocket Saw can be used for the toughest outdoor activities. They are engineered with heat-treated carbon steel alloy. Corrosion and Rust Resistant.


- Lightweight and portable, simple to use.
- It is a good tool of survival.
- Hand see-saw chains with a fast and efficient cutting ability, and can keep a sharp knife in long time.
- Precision design balanced, low vibration, durable.
- Mainly used for forest harvesters, wood sawing.
- Ideal for cutting firewood in survival situations such as campers, backpackers, fishermen, hikers.


- Type: Chain Saw
- Material: 65 Manganese Steel Nylon Thick Handle
- Serrated Length: 65cm/24.59" (Approx.)
- Total Length: 103cm/40.55" (Approx.)

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