Folding Led Lamp

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Features & Description:

Dimmable Eye-Protective Stunning Light!

Throw away the traditional flickering and glaring lights that harm your eyes! Our modern and trendy light emits a soft and soothing warm glow that does not dazzle or flicker while providing a relaxing atmosphere.

Its 12 full spectrum soft light beads are very gentle on the eyes. A soft touch on the lamp will let you change the light intensity from low to high.

A Stunning Led Light That Complements Your Aesthetic!

Oomph up your living area and create a stunning cozy surrounding! Our anti-glare lights can be utilized in various ways to brighten your home interior quickly and help you create a clean and clutter-free look in your living room! These lights are perfect for drawing attention to your favorite artwork. They also warmly appeal to the interiors, making your space seem snug and welcoming.

Detachable Magnetic Base!

No more complicated lights and tangled wires! Our lamp has a strong magnetic base, it can be used as either a wall mount or flashlight, and it can be taken out of the wall mount for charging. You don't have to use any tools or screws to attach it because of the 3M adhesive wall mount.

Improve the Quality of Your Life!

It can create a warm and soothing ambiance, helping you get a good night's sleep.

Multipurpose, High-End Wall Lights!

Using a combination of high-quality ABS and PMM materials, we've created a light that's tough enough to withstand falls and shocks, and because of the waterproof nature of the lamp, it's perfect for use in the bathroom or outdoors. Our LED has a wide range of use because of its durable and superior quality.

Package Included:

1* (Folding Led Lamp)