My Tech Addict

Wireless Charger

$39.95 $59.95

The Future Of Phone Charging Is Here

My Tech Addict is a wireless power bank carrying a huge 10000 mAh battery allowing you to charge up to three devices at once at record speed to bring unseen on-the-go convenience.

Not only it’s compatible with every smartphone, but its main charger uses an innovative way of charging that is faster than anything you’ve seen before, all packed in a pocket-sized design.

My Tech Addict is so unnoticeable you can continue working on your phone when it’s there so you never miss a moment. Choose the smart way of charging and always be prepared!


Your outdoor savior- Tseton’s compact design can save your phone when you are out. No need to watch your battery when it’s by your side.

Lightning-fast charging- When the suction cups grip your phone it will be fully charged in less than an hour. A quick refill is always available when you need one.

Multiple devices charging at once- You can charge up to three devices to get ready quickly or help out a friend. You won’t waste time waiting anymore!

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