My Tech Addict

All-In-One Charger

$59.95 $99.95

This is the unlimited all in one charger

MY TECH ADDICT saves you time and energy. Using wireless charging it can charge your phone, smartwatch, and earbuds all at once faster than any old charger out there.

You’ll save hours of charging each day by using it. MY TECH ADDICT charges at 4X the speed of cable charging and works on all phone models.

Take advantage of what the future offers. MY TECH ADDICT gives you the power to be ahead of time and ready to go out in style.


Charge 3 devices at the same time- Ramax gets ready your phone, earbuds and smartwatch all it once in minimal time.

Charging at light speed- Ramax charges wirelessly at 4X the speed of any old cables. Stop waiting and start living.

For anywhere and any phone- You just need one plug to charge everything with MY TECH ADDICT. Easily use your phone while charging it.

Why MY TECH ADDICTis for you- Stop waiting to charge your devices one by one. MY TECH ADDICT gets ready all you need at 4X the speed.

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